a person in charge of an organization’s finances.

Taking Control

The typical small business is started with the idea that a service or product provided by the owner can be sold for profit. We, as new entrepreneurs, are grateful for the job we created for ourselves and we’re happy to be our own boss. But before we know it, something happens, our business grows! And suddenly, we need more resources like cash, employees, facilities, equipment, etc. We now have to rely on others to do the job we once did. This can include managing your business finances. It is typical that as office staff grows, you hand off your basic bookkeeping duties such as paying bills, making deposits, and running payroll. But what if your business has grown to a point that you need more than just daily bookkeeping tasks completed? You need financial analysis, compliance, audit preparation, or maybe even help with financing? Well, CDA Books has the solution for you. Let our experienced Controllers give you peace of mind by helping you navigate the financial complexities of your business.

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Our Mission

The “Controller” mission is to ensure your business’ financial position is clear and held to the highest level of accountability. We will ensure you understand your income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows. We will help you develop sound budgets, manage your inventory, and prepare for audits and financing activities. With our support, you can take your financial understanding and leadership to the next level.

How We Do It

Review, analyze, predict.

The first goal of our Controller is to make sure the accounting data is accurate. This involves getting to know your accounting inside and out and making sure it lines up with correct accounting principals. With accurate data, our Controllers can then start analyzing your numbers based on the desired knowledge you are wanting to gain. This can mean profitability as a whole, revenue by sales channels, expenses as a percent of sales, etc. From there, our Controllers can now design forecasts and plug in your assumptions. This is the critical piece that gets missed by so many businesses! By understanding what your numbers are telling you, you can now predict what will happen financially in the future. The better handle you have on your finances, the better decisions you can make for your business as a whole.

Our Controller Services Include:


Financial Reporting

Financial Statement Preparation and Review, Budget Creation and Analysis, Cash Flow Projections, Inventory Analysis, and Cap Table Management.


Compliance Activities

HR Compliance, Filing Compliance, Certification Compliance


Financing Activities

Including documentation gathering and prep, lender communications, funds management.


Audit Preparation

Reviewing and posting needed accruals, journal entries, classing, schedule updates, etc in preparation for the year-end audit. We support for-profit, nonprofit, and governmental entities.


“Balancing your money is the key to having enough.”

– Elizabeth Warren

We would love to connect with you and see how we can help support your business.