CFO (fractional)


1. a chief financial officer, a senior executive with responsibility for the financial affairs of a corporation or other institution.

Taking It To The Next Level

What I love about entrepreneurship is seeing the different phases of growth in a business and the challenges and opportunities that are created within each phase. Being a businessperson can be one of the most rewarding things in life, but one of the most exhausting and challenging things as well. A great piece of advice I heard about becoming a successful businessperson was to make sure to surround yourself with good people. There will be a point in your business where you have outgrown your own knowledge and will need to rely on the knowledge of others. Our CFO’s have a vast knowledge of business finance and operations and want to help your business continue to the next level. Our Fractional CFO role was specifically designed for companies looking to up their financial game without having to make the financial commitment of having a full time CFO.

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Our Mission

The “CFO” mission is to have a clear and concise understanding of a business’ financial and operational condition in order to participate in the decision-making aspect of the business. When tough decisions are on the line, it can be extremely difficult to do it all alone. As a fractional CFO for your business, we will partner with you in those times and offer you advice and guidance along the way.

How We Do It

Integrate, build trust, decide.

The Fractional CFO’s role is to become as familiar with the company as anybody involved. By understanding the inner workings of your business as well as the financial status, a fractional CFO will become one of the most influential persons in your decision-making circle. This is a high level, high trust relationship. Let us help you grow beyond your own capabilities.

Our CFO Services Include:


Financial/ Operational Decision Making


Financial forecasting and Strategic Planning


“Success is not an accident; it’s something we have to create on purpose.”

– Carrie Green

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